The Statue of Liberty

Enlightening the World near charity

A fire of light, hope, and clarity

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A gift of company from France

An commonwealth who embraced us fetching a chance

To scrimmage the British and our short whist encourage

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Today by our overseas policy, this res publica we disparage

Yet the Statue of Liberty physical object glowing brightly

A all-purpose sign of freedom and democracy

A structure of precious political unit glory

Dedicated on October 28, 1886 proudly

Designated as a National Monument in 1924

Opening to immigrants overseas freedom's door

Restored for her centennial on July 4, 1986

A pole commemorative lawfulness and justice

25 windows in the lady' crown

Represent gemstones saved on the earth

To the gem of state God gave birth

Igniting anticipation inside the whist of humanity

Heaven's rays superior complete the world

Christ's disclosure beaming out through with His Word

The 7 rays of the Statue's crown

Remind us of uncounted souls who will bow down

Across the seven seas and continents

Putting in Christ the Savior their confidence

The tablet which the Statue holds in her nigh mitt reads

"July 4th, 1776" - the day of American Independence

Which in beingness was all just about saintly dependence

Upon Almighty God who helped us the underdog

Overthrow the autocracy of Great Britain and the King

The combat cry of the American Revolution told everything

"No King but King Jesus!" This was our anthem

To Christ Jesus alone we sworn allegiance

Entreating lend a hand from heaven, this was our brilliance

Sadly and ironically, nowadays we have get the tyrant

Taking our martial out of the country to dictate the little fortunate

Change regimes and rhetorically assert our means

While we afflict the clean-handed and net handsomely

Accumulate more oil force to indefinite quantity economically

Exert our planetary reliability sovereignly internationally

As if we have become a law and God unto ourselves

Lord God above infringe us beforehand we misuse everyone else

Relight our flaming torch in simplicity and displace our perversity

Open our arrogant, covetous persuasion to obviously see

That our on-line external policy is deed more hostility

Increasing our enemies and fetching us deeper into depravity

Awake us to the gory results and ropey severity

With which our political body operation for personal gain

And unfairly use polity powers and God's dedicated name

Arise mighty God and let not choice and actuality be neglected

Let all swindle and evildoers within government be detected

Conquer Christ Jesus ended profiteering peddlers of fear

Expose their lies, betrayal, and commerce of this war on terror

Uncover their structure of righteousness in public until that time all who care

Let them not in feigning patriotically surf our flag in the air

Neither endure them to receive uncalled-for fanfare

Here at our sea-washed, sunset bill gates shall stand

The race of God sworn to legality in the land

Our mighty female person near colourful light in hand

Welcoming immigrants from afar to this excessive band

To embrace the create of independency and continue living nether command

One res publica low God to whom we heave up beatified hands

"Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled mass wistful to take a breath free,

The pitiable garbage of your abundant coastline.

Send these, the homeless, storm-tossed to me.

I assistance my storm lantern beside the aureate movable barrier."

Emma Lazarus you wrote it recovered and call for say no more

The Statue of Liberty is an anachronism in America today

As America's leaders employment their pressure and desire to play

Purport piety, interpret what they accusation to be morality

Fighting wars lacking end as they maximise their military

American military personnel track instructions blindly physical exertion bravery

Trusting in the Commander in Chief who leads us foolishly

Deeper into enemy lands trying to state bodily property and embezzle a stand

Not showing wisdom together with the cost nor yield our battles

Sometimes we even investment inhibitory Third World dictators

The cry of the French Revolution, "Liberté, égalité, fraternité,"

Is no longest chief line of reasoning in the U.S.A., righteous barely history

As it sharply uses its political orientation in deception to reward itself freely

The Statue of Liberty is now a reminder of American hypocrisy

What has change state of the United States of America my dear country?

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